Messes & Mage Hoods

Dark Angel

The Setup

Runners: Nyx, Molly Millions, Alpha Blue
Fixer: Icelady, Cat
Johnson: Icelady
Run Type: Investigation, Extraction
MacGuffin: Dark Angel, record rights
Promised Reward: 100,000¥
Actual Reward: 100,000¥, 11 karma

The Setting

Time: March 2050
Area: Everett, Downtown
Meet Place: Club Chiaroscuro
Places of Interest: Xanadu Studios, the Partyzone, Shio-Zuchik
People of Interest: Dynamo Blue, Edward Crull, Sarah Crull, Kat Akmura, Usaka, Sheera Persian

The Synopsis

When the only known recording of a late, great street musician appears in the hands of a local record company, it’s up to the runners to find out the truth.

The Spilled Blood

  • the Oni-Do in charge of Kat Akmura’s security
  • Kachu
  • Usaka and his crew

The Breadtrail

  • Dark Angel, an elf street rocker known for hating tech and corps, was rumored to have committed suicide after using a bad BTL that caused him to pour gasoline over himself and light a match. A short time later, Dynamo Blue of Xanadu Studios releases an album no one knew he’d recorded and produces a will naming her as sole holder of the rights. From Dark Angel’s anti-tech sentiments keeping him away from mods that would allow him to use BTLs in the first place to his fervent vows to never record or even play in larger venues, there’s plenty to be suspicious about. Icelady wants the rights to the songs back, and she wants whoever’s responsible for this to pay.
  • The members of Dark Angel’s band had received a forged chip accusing Icelady of making a ton of money from Xanadu, and they (especially Sheera who already hated Icelady) became convinced Dark Angel’s girlfriend had set the whole thing up. A closer look into the story and the chip revealed yaks to be the planters of the chip, and that the chip had been forged on a rare MCT brand.
  • A quick delve into Xanadu’s systems promptly showed that Icelady’s desires for Dynamo Blue’s face to be rearranged might be cathartic but would have no help finishing the run. Xanadu was simply a shell for the real plot.
  • Further investigation brought up the name Edward Crull, Dark Angel’s brother and a wagemage at MCT with yakuza loyalties. His wife, Sarah, provided ample information for the promise of adventure, fun with the street sams, and a bribe of cold hard cash.
  • Armed with the information that Dark Angel was being held, alive, by local oyabun Kat Akmura, the team arranged a meeting with a competing oyabun, Usaka, to ask for permission to finish their job. Permission was granted with a few caveats, including the death of one of her main mages.
  • The team enlisted the help of Blinkenlicht, OB1, and Racecar to commit an assault on Kat’s yacht by air. The team quickly cornered the oyabun, but the tables turned when Kat struck a deal to save her life and take out the others who might take unkindly to the team reneging on their promise.



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