Messes & Mage Hoods

It Comes in a Little Glass Vial

The Setup

Runners: Nyx, Molly
Fixer: Ree-Ja
Johnson: Ree-Ja
Run Type: Investigation
MacGuffin: zydrate
Promised Reward: a problem solved
Actual Reward:

The Setting

Time: March 2050
Area: Redmond
Meet Place: Ree-Ja’s clinic
Places of Interest: Neil’s lab
People of Interest: Neil Scott, Flea

The Synopsis

Ree-ja’s clinic is usually one of the safer places in the Barrens, but the last few days has seen a change in the old building as the streetdoc and her little merry gang react to the current word on the street. The violence hasn’t come too close to her turf yet, but Dr. Kim has been keeping her armed help around more often and more strictly enforcing security protocol.

The last couple of weeks have set the shadows humming with the chant of incredibly violent murders, and you’ve been unlucky enough to see a couple of the results come through Ree-Ja’s doors. The bodies’ resemblance to ground beef is so strong, your boss can’t salvage a single organ or bit of ’ware. When you, the ghouls, or another mage have done an astral sweep, you’ve all realized that there’s been no lost essence to correspond to the teeth marks. Whoever’s been gnawing on your stiffs hasn’t been doing it because of HMHVV.

A new compound is showing up in the streets of Redmond, giving junkies symptoms like cyberpsychosis and allowing them to accomplish feats that would surprise a fifth world PCP user. The drug’s finnicky, expensive, and exclusive injection method makes it an unlikely darling in the Barrens, and the street docs begin seeing strange symptoms in organs.

The Spilled Blood

  • a dead Night Hunter, potentially high on a Zydrate compound, who attacked Americana’s car.
  • some corporate Influencers pedaling zydrate as if they were cool Barrens dealers
  • some guards at a gutted ‘street clinic’ where zydrate was being stored
  • four ghouls who came looking for Nyx at her apartment, taken care of by the Dullahans

The Bread-trail

o A drug called Zydrate which induces symptoms similar to Cyberpsychosis has been making waves in Redmond around the same time that mysteriously mutilated bodies have been coming into the clinic.
o Flea emphatically warns against trying it, and exchanged his last dose and his broken injector for a bit of Astral Extermination turned Relocation
o Ree-Ja most recent autopsy turns up organs that seem off.
o Neil Scott, a tech geek and brother to a famous Street Sam called Alpha Blue agrees to look into the gun.
o On the prowl for a hangover cure, Molly and Nyx chance upon what looks like a soon-to-be Zydrate deal, under Nyx’s invisibility, they await and ambush the dealers.
o At Ree-Ja’s, the Dealer tries to call his employer, who refuses to help him. Ree-Ja has a decker trace the line.
o Assembling a team, Nyx and Molly storm the building and uncover an under construction clinic to be where the Zydrate is being stored. After a fight with the guards, some decking, and a conversation with Neil and a captive, they find out Virtus Corporation is behind Zydrate, as well as a plot to create fake street clinics to gather information on runners to sell back to other corps.
o Ree-Ja starts pulling strings to organize an attack on Virtus and their other fake clinics.



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