Bod: 4(5)
Qck: 5
Str: 4
Cha: 2
Int: 5
Wil: 6

Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Reaction: 5
Initiative: 5+1d6(4d6)
Combat Pool: 6

Non-RP Flaws & Edges
Combat Monster (Willpower (6) needed to leave combat)
Brave (-1 TN for fear, even with critters)
Toughness (+1 BOD for resisting damage)
Focused Concentration
Poor Link

Sorcery 6
Conjuring 5
Magical Theory 3
Computers 3
Electronics 3
Firearms 5
Unarmed 3 (Subduing 5)
Stealth 3 (Urban 5)
Etiquette (Street 3)

Combat (fire)
- Sleep (6)
- Manabolt (5)
- Fireball (4)
Detection (air)
- Analyze Truth (5)
- Combat Sense (6)
Illusion (water)
- Improved Invisibility (4)

Fire 4, 2 services
Fire 2, 1 service
Air 4, 2 services
Water 4, 1 service

Notable Gear:
Ares Predator


OB1 (“Ob” pronounced as a sound rather than an acronym) is half of the band OB1+2 with her boyfriend, OB2, who is rumored to be a sweetheart. Unlike his girlfriend, OB2 is not a runner, and 1’s extreme sense of privacy means the rest of her circle has never met him. She makes noise with synths or tech junk in Ms. Tati’s Bits and Baubles that she can pass off as synth-ish. She is incredibly abrasive, even with her own friends, and loves a good fight.

Known Names:
- Charlie Paquin

Known Contacts:
- Ceyda
- Teeko
- Racecar (reluctantly)
- Americana (reluctantly)

Twenty Questions (Nyx can answer)
1. Sex: F
2. Physical size: shorter than Nyx but with arms worth showing off
3. Physical coloring:
4. General Appearance:
5. Where was the character born?
6. What is the character’s age? mid-20s
7. What was the character’s family like?
8. Has the character begun his own family? She has a significant other, OB2, and a cat.
9. Where or how was the character educated?
10. Has the character ever done anything else for a living? She does gigs.
11. What about the character’s political and religious beliefs? Probably a vocal anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, and atheist
12. What is the character’s moral code? She hates inauthenticity and is incredibly loyal.
13. Does the character have any goals?
14. Why does the character run the shadows? To go against the man
15. What is the character’s personality? abrasive, vindictive
16. What special qualities does the character possess?
17. Are there certain things the character just can’t do?
18. What does the character hate?
19. What does the character love?
20. What is the character’s name?


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