Ree-Ja Kim

Nyx's potential out from gang life


Dr. Kim started her medical career as a combat medic, retired and became a DocWagoneer, then retired from that and opened her clinic in the Redmond Barrens. She appears significantly older than she truly is and uses a cane, though it remains unclear if it is for a true injury, a psychosomatic pain, or a social prop. She always seems to be exhausted and is usually grumpy at best. She carries most of her belongings with her between her apartment and clinic.

Her clinic is a relatively safe place, partially due of its strong connection to neighborhood-watch gangs and partially due to its harsh three-strike rule for would-be thieves. Ree-Ja gets along well with the Red Hot Nukes and any other gang that attempts to provide a real protective service to its people. She utterly loathes thrill gangs like the Halloweeners and Night Hunters.

Ree-Ja’s anti-theft strike system is as follows:
1. Congratulations, you have just volunteered to donate blood and bone marrow.
2. Congratulations, you have just volunteered to donate blood, bone marrow, a kidney, a portion of your liver, and any ’ware that can be removed without resulting in your death or complete immobility (one cyber eye, cyber arms, etc)
3. Congratulations, you have just donated your body for a complete organ and ’ware overhaul. The rest of your body will be fed to ghouls unless your next of kin pays a hefty fee.
If you make an unsuitable donor for any of these strikes because of blood-borne illnesses or mistreated organs and cyberware, you can be ransomed for a fee or sold to ghouls who are less picky about those sorts of things.

Known Employees:

  • Nyx
  • Ceyda
  • Teeko
  • Fresno
  • Various docwagoneers. Mostly psychotic retired ones who still want to get their hands bloody and pragmatic newbies who want extra training without risking paying docwagon clients

Ree-Ja Kim

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