Conspiracy Catalog

Virtus Corporation & Zydrate

  • In addition to the immediate physical effects of Zydrate, the drug also causes long term sterilization and creates a reaction within specific organs to cause rejection and further total-body damage should those organs be used as transplants in other patients, causing short and long term stresses on the targeted communities with regards to reproductive autonomy, access to healthcare, and trust within the blackmarket (and particular, organ-legging) communities.

Nyx’s Personal Life

  • Nyx washed up on the shore of Puget Sound some time ago with little recollection of who she was or what she should be doing with her life. Molly and Blinkenlicht quickly brought her into the fold and set her up in Redmond, but she has few clues about her past life other than occasionally remembering far too much corporate jargon.
  • While investigating Dark Angel’s disappearance, Nyx returned to her apartment and found a card made of children’s construction paper sitting on her bed. The card had a childlike drawing of two figures holding hands, and inside read “Heartblood is red / oceans are blue / I’ve got a feeling / like deja vu.” No one saw any sign of who went into her apartment, though her boss, Tris, reported that one of the bouncers saw someone who looked like her behaving oddly earlier in the morning. The Dark Angel run ended in Nyx over open water, facing her greatest phobia, and dealing with a tale of great sibling rivalry.

Conspiracy Catalog

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